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As a whole, the purpose of the Multimodal Mathematics: Storytelling, Interactivity and Cultural Relevance (Multimodal Math) Research Lab is to provide an interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment bringing together scholars, practitioners and educators in mathematics, creative writing and art and design to create curriculum and to advance the potential of multimodal storytelling as an active element of STEM education, specifically in mathematics education. The research lab space offers an opportunity for diverse research areas to converge, for example, mathematics pedagogy, creative writing and art and design to build and play off one another for inspiration, collaboration and research advancement.

Mathematics is a human endeavor. 
The big ideas in math specifically, easily translate to big ideas in life. 


The Research Lab’s objectives are:

  • To facilitate the Multimodal Math Program: offer a professional development opportunity with mathematics instructors to engage in the teaching of mathematics through culturally-relevant storytelling (see timeline below for a breakdown of the program)

  • To initiate an open-access online platform housing story-based curricular material for  mathematics teachers

  • To advance the research in mathematics pedagogy 

  • To advance research in the use of creative writing and storytelling in curriculum design

  • To support the community of mathematics practitioners in Qatar

  • To support collaborative partnership between math, writing and design educators and practitioners

In terms of scope, the Research Lab focuses on Classroom as Catalyst for Research and Community Engagement.

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