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Sample curriculum transformation when mathematics meets storytelling:


(“Fractions at Ramadan”, illustration by Ghada Ali)

It is Ramadan. The sky is clear except for the bright orange and yellow setting sun which marks the breaking of fast. All across the city, families sit down for iftar. In one home, Ali watches his mother cut the perfectly round kunafeh, his favorite dessert. His mother cuts five pieces, one for each member of the family. Four of the pieces are the same size, and the fifth piece is ½ the size of each of the others. Ali gets the smallest piece and exclaims, “It’s so small!” His mother looks at him with a smile. She knows his eyes are bigger than his stomach. “We must all be grateful for the food we eat, Ali.” She continues, “Ok, let’s play a game. If you can answer the next question, and if you are still hungry, I will share my piece with you.” Ali nods. “Here is the question: What fraction of the kunafeh is the smallest piece?”


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

online resource: Exploring Math through Literature Pre-K-8

(has to be purchased - $25)


“an online teacher resource filled with lessons and activities that teach mathematical concepts while engaging students in a broad assortment of children’s literature, including picture books, stories, poetry, and novels. The lessons are based on journal articles from NCTM’s Teaching Children Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, and each matching of math lesson and work of literature is aimed at a specified grade level.”


Using Children’s Literature to Teach Mathematics: An Effective Vehicle in a STEM World (pdf)

Discusses the importance of literature to build math confidence and interest. It also includes 3 book examples and lesson ideas. Last 4 pages of pdf include lists of books + math topics covered (primary and intermediate grade levels)


Middle School Mathematics Literature

List of books (linked to purchase) + math topics covered


Math Through Stories

books + lesson plans, mostly for upper elementary students


Teaching Mathematics in a School Library

the website includes several lesson plans that use literature to support the teaching of mathematics concepts


Two of Everything or The Magic Pot Lesson Plan (pdf)


Grandfather Tang’s Story Lesson Plan (2nd grade) (pdf)

One Grain of Rice Lesson Plan


Color Counters

Individual number lines

Fraction bars


Dry Erase White Boards and Marker Sets

I feel the entire workshop was useful.
I would say the MOST useful was allowing us to actually use the manipulatives, as if we are students, and go learn experientially, rather than just show-and-tell about the different methods.  Having us go through the actual methods and using the teaching tools as a group, was
very effective with getting us to appreciate how to implement the tools in our classrooms.

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